Many Christian believers, past and present, have made heartfelt, faithful contributions to the life and ministry of this church and to its beauty. The giving of tithes and offerings, time, talent, and love to this church over the years has created a place that must be maintained and preserved as a living testimony of devotion to God. Northside Church has a rich heritage that should be respected primarily as a spiritual and holy place deserving of reverence and preservation.


The spiritual ministry and mission of the church will always be the first and foremost consideration when requests are made for using the church buildings and grounds. A spirit of cooperation exists with community, civic groups, other non-profit organizations, and individuals regarding the use of the church’s buildings and grounds.


All events that are not deemed to be a part of the direct ministry of Northside Church require extra work on the part of personnel including additional set-up, break-down, clean up, wear and tear, heating/cooling, and security. Therefore, Northside Church will recover these costs through the enforcement of the Facilities Usage Guidelines.

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Tim Miltner

Director of Facilities

Direct Line: 678.298.5072

Fax: 678.298.5074

Cell: 404.784.6475


Patrick Murphy

Event Coordinator/Facilities

Direct Line: 678.298.6332


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